Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shoot and Edit // Laughter

I do enjoy photography and lately I have been missing my camera so much. I seldom pick up my DSLR and just shoot for fun. When I went to Langkawi last weekend, I brought a long my DSLR and snapped a few photos. I totally enjoy the feeling of being behind the camera and also in front of the camera.
This was Wan first experience taking a flight. We were on our way to Langkawi and the fastest way to go there is by air. I decided to capture her first experience! I was so jealous because she can remember her first feeling of taking a flight for the first time. The joy and the excitement of it! 
I really love her facial expression of anticipation, joy, anxiety and wondering what would happened in a few minutes.


Sheri said...

I love how smooth the edit made everything.

Ashley Sisk said...

You're so right - you guys both look so's a quiet excitement but I can see it. Your SOOC was pretty nice to begin with. Nice job!

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