Sunday, July 17, 2011

Once Upon A Time



I found these photos while I was organizing my albums and bookcase. 1992 was such a long time ago. I really love those times when the only thing on my mind was to pass my exams. I was so young and naive about a lot of things.

My fashion style definitely changed a bit but one thing remain the same is I still love to wear jeans. I can never get enough of it-- Levis and Guess are still my fave.

The computer that I used back then was very big. I think this is the time before Microsoft. If I'm not mistaken I was using Sun Unix..and Macintosh for word processing. My love for computer never dies. It gets stronger each day.
A lot has changed since then like notebook, digital camera, mobile phone, mp4 player, broadband and computer definitely has changed. They are getting lighter, compact and cheaper each year.

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