Saturday, May 21, 2011

Radiance is in the house

So I decided to buy a ne perfume today. Deciding which on to buy isn't an easy task. Si many choices and so many smell to choose from.
So after a lot of testing and smelling all different kind of fragrance I choose ....

Radiance by Britney Spears perfume line. I think this is her latest perfume in the market and this is also my first purchased of her product. I really like the not too soft and not too strong sweet smell of Radiance. It suits me perfectly. Last time I choosed Covet from Sarah Jessica Parker, which is a bit soft and flowery smell.
It looks like most celebrities have their own perfume line. I even saw Heat by Beyonce at the counter. I almost bought that one. I wonder if Lady Gaga have her own perfume line?

- If I have the opportunity to have my own perfume collection I would name them ...
# jantung hati
# insatiable
# permata
# shadow
# in search of
# mutiara
which will a lot of cinamon, jasmine, carnation, hibiscus and harum sundal malam smell... Heheh

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1 comment:

Fathiah Rosdi said...

wow..mst best bau die..hrga pon mst up jgk ni...=)

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