Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Pleasure Speedlinking: 13.05.2011

First of all today is May 13th. It’s the most historical day in Malaysia. There was some major riot in Malaysia base on races and a lot of people died. It was back in 1969. Sometimes it is important to know our history in order to move forward as a Malaysian.

Here are some great post that worth reading

  • May 13 riot, some important facts to know about that day
  • 68  I really love this blog

  • Today.. I like the simplicity of this post. I might copy this post for my blog entry

  • Love is beautiful when you find the right one. So sweet and romantic.

  • i never thought that is really  a sweet blog post. I really love it.

  • I love looking at the beautiful nature photos 

  • I love photography, and looking at beautiful photos really makes me happy especially this and this

  • Very creative post about raindrops

  • I just can’t believed that America send James home. Seriously! Somehow I felt cheated. What is going on here?

  • Another great idea to start journaling in your scrapbook layout using short stories

I hope you enjoy my little findings to keep you update on life in general.

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