Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life or something like it

I read this blog about redefine your life. It’s about how we’ve always measure our lives base on the big milestone like  wedding day, graduation, birthdays, the first house, the birth of your first born and so on. We seldom miss or pay less attention to the everyday. Everyday moment that makes our lives.


my moments in between:

* weekly pizza night with my kids
* singing so loud in my car while driving to work
* reading a good book on my bed
* watching Buffy the Vampire slayer while thinking how close my life is to Buffy fate. I guess hoping for a normal life is a bit too much for me
* thinking about what to blog about
* designing a layout that speaks to me
* watching American Idol and thinking how lucky they are because at such a young age they already know what they want
* listening to my children talking about their day
* drinking a cup of hot nescafe early in the morning
* enjoying spending my time on
* taking photos of my daily life
* kissing and hugging my kids daily

What are some of your moments in between? Share with me…

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