Sunday, April 24, 2011

I love Sunday

This is one of my favourite day other than Saturday. I am happy that I don’t have anywhere I should be, so I decided to get up a little bit late.weekendfun01

I decided to watch a movie today. I intend to watch Rio but ended up with Red Riding Hood.

I watched this movie today. I like it. Amanda is so beautiful.

I wanted to take lots of photos today but somehow that didn’t happen. I really missed my weekend photo shoot. I really need to get out there and get my groove back.

Anyway here are the things I see today.

weekendfun05 I am really looking forward to see this movie. weekendfun04 I'm up for any movie related to Vampire weekendfun06

If only they have this in 2D. I really want to watch this. I like watching stories about people. He is only 16 and people already talk about him either good or bad.

My son is obsessed with soccer shoes.

I really wanted to do some shopping but somehow after watching Red Riding Hood  for 2 hours, I don’t feel like spending another few more hours there.

1 comment:

bondasayang said...

I love sunday too but this Sunday...realyy pack with housekeeping...
Enjoy your it!

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