Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what’s in my bag?

I saw this entry at elsie blog and it looks like fun. Jom, let see what’s in my bag
* I have way too many pens. I really love collecting them
* my shopping bag
* pink lipstick and a lip gloss (I totally forgot it’s in there)
* my sony xperia x10- can’t leave home without it
* car keys
* my Titus pink watch
* my old purse – hemm I think I need a new one
* my moisturiser and foundation
Urgh!! People told me I look a bit chubby. I really need to do something to tackle that issue.

I really need to take stock of what I’m doing wrong. Not eating doesn’t do my body good. Is it because of the stress or because I’m almost 40 or because I’m almost 40 and stressful all the time? Oh boy!

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