Wednesday, February 23, 2011

totally random: 23.02.2011

my random Wednesday
*  I can't believe that I haven't eaten any solid food since this morning
*  I am a bit worry about tomorrow
*  I just relieve that this week we only have one major event instead of two
*  I am a bit disappointed with the progress today. I have a feeling that they don't take me seriously.
*  I miss my kids already. I really can't wait to go home
*  I am looking forward to watch Glee and Nikita this week
*  #NowWatching CSI New York Season 7E15
*  I feel like I am loosing control of everything. I just don't really know how to motivate them to really work on the current project. It feels like they work when they want to work and according to their time table.
* being the only one who cares is so hard. sometimes I just wonder why do I bother?

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