Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Polaroid Love: #Day 16–the same old routine

I am so not liking today. I really really really have to drag myself out of bed. Suddenly I just realize something. I’ve been doing this dance for more than 10 years and it really gets to me. Is this what my life has become? Same old routine that I have to repeat every single day?

I desperately need my life to change. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for structure and security but sometimes I just need to do something outrageous just to feel something. It would be nice if work doesn’t feel like work.

this is me.. feeling a little bit blue this morning

16022011435-pola 16022011445-pola 16022011444-pola

Luckily I have a few personal projects I’ve been working on to keep me busy like Polaroid Project. Check it out if you want to play. This fun and fresh way to look at things.

Want to see what I took for the last 15 days? Check it out here.

***just something on tumblr to keep my smiling today ***

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