Saturday, February 19, 2011

lately I’ve notice…

What were you hoping for? (Explored)

..I am having trouble getting up in the morning
..I get tired easily
..I feel like time is moving way too fast
..I’ve miss my old life back
..I realize that  my independence taste so much sweeter obsession with tumblr is getting out of control
..I’m enjoying American Idol even though  there’s no Simon in it
..I’ve been spending  a lot of time in my room job doesn’t brings me joy and satisfaction as before weight is getting out of control. No matter what  I do, nothing seems to work!
.. I am looking forward to watch Nikita each week
.. I started craving coffee on a daily basis
.. the price of essential items like food and milk is ridiculously high
..every time I exercise I feel so much better
..the more I wanted to go the bed, the more ideas I have for blogging and scrapping

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