Sunday, February 20, 2011

For Today…

I saw this prompt at Daily Digi today . It’s a great prompt for a scrapbook page. I intend to make one sometime today but for now, the prompt also make a great blog entry. So for those who are looking for things to blog about, you can give this prompt a try. It’s fun and it’s also capture your moment.

Outside my window… I see how bright the sky is and how empty the playground is because there’s not one single person on sight.
I am thinking…what a great day to just chill out and relax
I am thankful for…my children and my health
From the living rooms…I see how messy it is with all the kids school stuffs and playthings all over the room
From the kitchen…it’s kind of empty because we seldom spend our time there
I am wearing…my workout clothes with an intention to workout in about an hour from now
I am creating…my life story in my head
I am going…to dedicate most of my time today making a few layouts with my new purchased kits
I am reading…reading the girl who played with fire since January
I am hoping…to get a lot of things done in less than 4 hours
I am hearing… my daughter playing with her dolls
Around the house… feels a bit empty because my two boys are out
One of my favorite things…
at the moment would be my morning coffee with tumblr and brainstorming ideas for blogs and scrapbooking

A few plans for the rest of the week:- making sure that everything runs smoothly with portal presentation
- planning to watch the Mechanic
- planning blog entry for March
- making sure that my kids follow their schedule

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