Tuesday, February 22, 2011

12 things to stop waiting for in life

I stumble upon this list I made way back in 2008 which I would love to share. I think I saw this list in Cleo and I rewrote them to be more personal . It’s just a reminder for me to just stop wasting my time with things that may not come true and beyond my control

#1) Your tummy will flatten after having 3 babies
#2) Your weight to magically scale down to 50 kg effortlessly
#3) The bathroom to clean itself
#4) A sign to tell you what to do next
#5) New Year to make a resolution. Make the resolution today
#6) Some sign to show you when to start eat healthy and take care of your health. Start now, this very moment and make a pledge to put yourself first
#7) A man to change everything in your life. Change it yourself now- he’ll catch up later

#8) A man to make you happy. Decide to be happy in spite of a man
#9) Wrinkles on your face to disappear even with regular facial treatment. Having some fine lines isn’t bad. It shows that you’ve live
#10) What you have will last forever. If something breaks or doesn't work-- either repair it or change it. Don't hold on to it. Nothing last forever except ALLAH
#11) A man to stay faithful to you. It is not in their nature. Other women will always look great
#12) Time to heal a broken heart. You will wait forever. Mourn the lost , cry till your hearts content, decide that your are done and move on.


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