Saturday, February 26, 2011

10 things: movie posters that grabbed my attention

I am really a movie fan. I’ve been watching movies since as long as I can remember. Other than enjoy the good movie, I also really enjoy seeing the movie posters. These posters inspire me in my digital scrapbooking and they way I see things.

So here are a few posters that grabbed my attention over the years.

#1) Titanic


I still remember how popular this movie was back in 1997. People were going crazy over this movie and it was totally huge. So many memorable scenes from the movie. What grabbed my attention about this poster was the photos of two people in love right above the Titanic.

#2) Speed


Of course Speed.. other than the huge photo of Keanu Reeves on the poster, the image of the bus flying through the fire was amazing.

#3) Letters to Juliet


Amanda looks great in this poster. I really really like the color tone, it feels warm and romantic.

#4) High School Musical 3


The black, white and red color combination really grabbed my attention and it’s high school musical. You can really feel the heat and the energy here.

#5) The Lost Valentine


This feels classic, romantic, warm and sweet at the same time.

#6) Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day! I really really love the dynamic characters in this movie and the poster really represent that!

#7) Burlesque


The contrast of black and white with a touch of pink really grabbed my attention.

#8) easy A


I am itching to make a layout base on this movie poster. Love the chaos words behind her

#9) the proposal


So sweet and scary. Black and white contrast of the poster really made me look at Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock.

#10) Unknown


I love the font in this poster.

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