Tuesday, January 11, 2011

random Tuesday, a tagline and Parmapetit font

* I arrived late at work today due to horrific traffic jam at the highway
* I intend to do a little bit planning but I ended up in a long discussion the whole morning and afternoon
* And continue with another discussion in the evening
* I decided to make these as a tagline for my development team in 2011. Things have to change either they way we do things and the way we think.
* This year is going to be a bit tough and challenging at work, personal life and financially
* Malaysia is changing and I am not sure if is for the better or for the worst!  All around me things get a bit tough, expensive and the sense of security is getting lower and lower. The price is higher especially for food and crime rate is also out of control.
* I just realize that in today’s world , being technically perfect is not enough . You have to put in your character, heart and soul into anything that you do. That what makes what you do unique and different than anybody else. * font for today Pramapetit. I used this font for the above tagline
* making a lemonade out of theses lemons is getting more and more challenging.
* I am so thankful that I have this blog to record my random thoughts, my fear and my concern.
* I am also thankful for my reader and other fellow blogger for making my life a little bit brighter with your presence and your blogs.


AdiaLuze said...

Wow....extravaganzzzzz punya taglne tuuh..Baca pun dah gerun... (^,^)

Effa Sahat said...

huhuhu.. life is getting scarier than before.

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