Saturday, January 15, 2011

30 day photo challenge: Day 1 - 15.01.2011

It’s all about you and your fifteen facts


Here are some random facts about me:

1. I am a Gemini and sometime Cancer. I was born on the day that can be a Gemini and can be a Cancer. No wonder I am confuse all the time. Staying in focus is my biggest challenge
2. I love anything art
3. I love pink. I think this color appear feminine but the truth is it’s a strong and powerful color. I always feel joy and inspire when I am in a room with pink touch or even when I am wearing pink
4. Photography is the art I would love to master and really be creative. Life is beautiful and I want to capture it. I am so happy that I did finished with 365 Project last year. It’s a great accomplishment for me.
5. I love and obsess with digital scrapbooking for the last 12 years. It’s the only hobby that I can evolve with and very therapeutic
6. I’m on facebook and twitter all the time. I’ve meet a lot of cool people from facebook and twitter. And even reconnect with family and long lost friend. I never knew that I am that social.
7. I love books and everything about it. I bought too many of them and can’t really catch up with the reading. I need to get back into the book reading wagon as soon as possible
8. Music is my life. Not that I compose anything. I just love listen to music. Great music can really move me and inspire me
9. I’ve been blogging since 2005 – on and off- I really get serious since 2009. I can say that I’ve evolve as a blogger. I started of with no objective in mind to something focus and what makes me happy. This really is a happy world for me. I’ve meet some cool new people too. We even went out for bowling.
10. I am also a movie addict.
11. I started making scrapbook templates since 2009 and giving it for free at my blog. I love to make more of them this year
12. I love list and I blogged about them all the time like 10 things, randomness and currents. My brain needs structure and once in while I like to do things that come naturally to me.
13. My word for this year is Transform. I really want to Transform myself physically, mentally and spiritually. I need change in my  life right now so it’s about time I do something about it.
14. I am in a mission to be grateful for what I have. Embarking in 30 days gratitude project really help me do that. So I am going to continue doing that project this year.
15. I am a proud owner of Sony Xperia X10. It changes my life completely. I love it.

That’s it. Now you know a little bit about me and my obsession. Can’t wait to read yours.
Please leave a link in the comments if you join the 30 day photo challenge project. I love to read yours. Thanks again Shaeliaza for hosting this.


Syeeda Sobbihi said...

i love pink as well! true, i'll get inspired when wearing pink!

Effa Sahat said...

now i remember where i saw u.
i saw ur layout for the first kt back on 2008 u look different but ur kids especially yg oldest( i think) mmg masih macam dulu. i read ur past post.. tu yg recall balik.

haniz said...

Effa: It is such a small world.. hehe
Syeeda: Yeah to pink!!

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