Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10 things why I’m in love with Xperia X10

Remember back when, I have this dilemma which phone to choose? After a few weeks deliberating, I decided on iphone 4 base solely on the popularity and price. Unfortunately the day I decided to buy one, I just can’t get a hold of one. It seems impossible to have one during this next few weeks.
Then on the historical day, the day I touch Sony Xperia X10, I immediately fall in love! It’s everything I want in a smart phone.
#1) When I touch it , I can feel the instant connection. Somehow it feels right in my hand.
#2) Google Android as the mobile OS is a plus. There are so many free apps to choose from
#3) Out of the box sync with all my google account is a plus – my email, my contacts, google calendar and google reader. Phone book is sync automatically with your Google Contact.

#4)  It’s easily accessible to me. I have the power to choose and I don’t have to queue or wait in any lines.
#5)  Not many people go for this, so this makes it unique. Too many people already own an iphone, somehow it doesn’t look very appealing to me.
#6)  I love the timescape and the mediascape apps from sony. It’s so convenient to me. I can just see all my updates from sms, to phone calls, to facebook status and twitter status from timescape. Easily mange multimedia content from mediascape.
#7)  PC Companion Apps from sony , makes it easier to transfer content from your phone to your pc and vise versa. I can easily copy video to my phone and the apps convert it to my phone format. Now I can see my favourite tv show from my phone.
#8)  the music sounds great from this phone
#9)  built in applications to connect with Microsoft Exchange Email, Calendar and Contact
#10) it’s a sony ~ ~ what more can I say
what i dislike about the phone is the camera. It’s not as friendly as sony satio but it’s decent enough for blogging and twitting.

what i need to get use to is the keypad. Somehow it feels like iphone. I’m getting better at this hopefully in a few weeks it would not be a problem anymore

what i wish for is the battery to last longer .. at least two or three days… especially when you use timescape and browsing a lot. I also wish for it to charge faster.

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